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About Us

West World India, our company dealing in imported “Real Looking Indoor Artificial Plants” which includes Japanese Maple, African Palms, Thai Banyan, Palm Trees, Peach Fruit Trees, U.S.A Maple Trees, and other green & colorful ornamental plants & Trees. We are pleased to offer your organization an opportunity to better the ambience and atmosphere of your premises.

Launched six years ago, West World India is the only Importers of Indoor Artificial Plants & Trees in Goa. These Artificial plants have a marked advantage over real living plants. As they appear alive and vibrant are washable, replaceable, real looking, easy to maintain and are now available at an Affordable Rent.

For these reason more and more Corporates, Hotels, Restaurant, Offices, Showrooms, and Public Institutions are opening for Indoor Artificial Plants to adorn their premises.

We at West World are trying to induce this great green & colourful house effects inside your home/ offices, workplaces etc., especially at home where real plant release harmful carbon dioxide at night making it hazardous for human health, that's why real plants should never be kept indoors at night. Real indoor plants also tend to attract mosquitoes etc. and need proper care to protect them from bugs. Most products are available from stock in our large off site distribution canters, which capacity to cater for bulk orders. Our complete products range includes indoor artificial plants, trees, fruit trees and flower trees. West world specializes in selling/renting the highest quality indoor artificial plants. You can buy/rent these plants in Goa for increasing the beautification of your home or work place.


  • No Watering hassles.
  • No Deadheading, fallen twigs etc.
  • No Insects or Bugs.
  • All Year Lifelike Flowering, with Colored with Fruits.
  • No Sap or Poisonous Berry Hazards(Children/Pets).
  • No Restriction on Positioning even at Dark Corners.
  • No Watering Means No Risk to electrical equipment.
  • No energy or power consumption.
  • Ready Grown at a fixed size.
  • No waiting to Grow or Worry of Overgrowing.
  • Extremely low Maintenance.
  • Create an Instant ambience.
  • Going on a Holiday ?? No Problems

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