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Rent a Plant !!!!!!!!

We are pleased to present you with our “Special Unique Rental Concept”.In this scheme, we offer annual contracts, in which every 3(Three Months), the plants you have rented will be replaced with other varieties of available choices. Your entitled for 4 Plants change in a year. At the rate of Rs.250 per plant per month.We now have a special launching offer Rs.7  per day per plant, Rs.210 per Month per plant, this offer is valid for Limited period only.

  • You also have the option of purchasing the plants & trees.


             Flowers                               Plants                             Tree's                             Begonia   


              Begoia                         Creepers                          Flower Bunches                  Flower Pots


        Lilly Bunches                   Wall Hangings                   Christmas Trees                 Rental Concept